Camp rules and background information:
1. No smoking in the houses!

2. Reservation is done by paying 40% of the total amount (reservation confirmed); the remaining amount must be paid no later than 12 weeks before the start of the trip! If the trip is ordered less than 12 weeks before its start the full amount has to be paid.

3. Guests arriving at the camp must provide their own health and life insurance.

4. Camp is not responsible for the weather conditions preventing from going to the sea.  Camp is not responsible for force majeure circumstances which cannot be controled in advance. Payed amounts are non refundable if guests could not arrive to camp due to bad weather or Government decisions.

5. Arrival at the camp at the earliest is 2 pm, leaving the houses no later than 8 am (if nothing else is agreed).

6. Guests must listen to the guide’s instructions relating to safety at sea.

7. Guests are required, prior to each going to the sea, to check the weather conditions with the guide.

8. Each time you want to be at sea for more than 12 hours, notify the guide / owner before leaving, or by telephone.

9. It is not allowed to approach shore with the boat (except for emergencies).

10. Boats must be returned cleaned and with fully filled fuel tanks.

11. Guests must inform the guide about the noticed breakdowns.

12. Guests are prohibited from driving boats being drunk!

13. Upon arrival, the guests shall pay a deposit of NOK 2500 (EUR 300) for each set house/boat, to be returned by the owner IMMEDIATELY after returning of orderly boat and house.

14. Guests are required to wear lifejackets or survival suits.

15. The guests while staying in the camp must observe and respect the laws of the Kingdom of Norway.

16. Booking can be cancelled not later than 2 weeks after invoice date. Cancellation fee aplies (1.900 NOK per set cabin/boat) . If cancelation is proceeded later- no refund for advance payment.
Its possible for guests to buy also “trip cancelation insurance” –cost 10% of total trip price and must be ordered and payed together with trip package.

17. Its forbiden to use petrol for the boats from other places. It must be used from local petrol station

18. All the boats have insurance. Personal resposibility of customer is 15.000 NOK

19. Changes after the booking reservation:
In rare circumstances it is possible that prices must be increased. The circumstances under which this may occur are as follows:
ii. Increases in taxes and duties
iii. Currency fluctuations.(NOK/EUR more than 5%)

20. Renting boat requires boat driving license or person should be born before 1980
Soroya Havfiskesenter reserves the right to raise the agreed price up to 14 days prior to departure.